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Security Technology Systems

Shanix can provide a full integration of video, access control, intrusion, and streaming video options. Our project managers can manage projects of any scope, on time, and within budget. Our engineering and design capabilities are models for the industry.

All of our systems will be commissioned with the end user team well trained and proficient in using the finished product.

Shanix has been deploying Security Technology Systems for more than 3 decades. The company's hands-on knowledge from this experience provides a foundation that is unsurpassed in this growing industry.

Video Surveillance Cameras – Analog, IP/Digital, Megapixel, 4G, High Definition

Cameras range from basic analog cameras to highly technical thermal and high end megapixel cameras with high definition to include 4G. Shanix represents a number of major brands and models to be flexible enough for your budget while offerring top of the line models with high performance expectations.

Video Management Systems

Typically, VMS platforms and Network Video Recorders vary and should be chosen according to the number of cameras, type of integration complexity (such as access control, intrusion, etc.) number of sites, and the types of assets the system is monitoring. VMS systems offer more features and options than a traditional NVR, and are scalable for any size surveillance system.

Access Control Systems

Access management is much more than locking or unlocking doors. It is also about gathering, analyzing, and creating an audit trail of events at every door. This answers: By whom? How Often? At what time? In what sequence? Each situation encountered may be monitored and recorded, or used as a trigger to initiate programmed facility configurations.


Intrusion alarms provide for immediate notification of unauthorized intruders.These systems may be designed with multiple types of sensors: glass-breaks, motion sensors and door alarms. Reports such as "Employee Activities and Exceptions" and/or "Opening and Closing" can be made available on demand or scheduled. A true integration may be designed with your Video Surveillance and Access Control Systems as well.

Wireless Security Network Technology

A wireless mesh network can eliminate most, if not all,of the issues associated with locations that are too difficult or expensive to wire. By providing a wireless network backbone, mesh networks enable security devices to be installed with minimal cable installation, trenching or drilling.

Intercom Systems

It is important to have a communication system that allows you to reach employees quickly without interfering with their workflow. When protecting a facility's entrance, consider a system that is user friendly to visitors and vendors who must enter areas protected by card access systems. When a person presses a button on the audio/video entry system, the doorbell rings and the video monitor provides a clear, bright image of who is at your door. Once the visitor has been approved, a door release can be pressed to let the visitor in. This not only provides security, but it is also adds real convenience to your access control system.