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SMART Technologies

For almost a decade, Shanix, Inc. has been the premier reseller of SMART.

SMART Technologies are interactive solutions that helps educators reach their goals of improving collaboration within the classroom and increasing student's knowledge while keeping up with the growing technology. We are proud to have serviced Rhode Island for so long with more than 5,000 SMART Classrooms throughout the school districts in the state.

SMART Hardware

  • SMART Board® 800 series Interactive Whiteboard
  • SMART Board® M600 series Interactive Whiteboard
  • SMART Board® 600 series Interactive Whiteboard
  • SMART LightRaise™ Interactive Projector
  • SMART Board® 6000 series Interactive Flat Panel
  • SMART Board® 4000 series Interactive Flat Panel
  • SMART Table® 442i Collaborative Learning Center
  • SMART Podium™ Interactive Pen Display
  • SMART Document Camera
  • SMART kapp

SMART Software

  • SMART Software Suite
  • SMART amp™ Collaborative Learning Software
  • SMART Notebook Classroom
  • SMART Notebook Math Tools
  • Bridgit Data-Conferencing Software
  • SMART Meeting Pro
  • SMART Meeting Pro - Personal Edition
  • SMART Room Systems - Microsoft Lync®
  • SMART kapp IQ