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About Shanix Technology, Inc.

Shanix Technology, Inc. opened for business in 1981 as a closed circuit television service repair company when video security technology was first being introduced. Over time, Shanix carved out a niche in the security industry as a result of their responsive service capabilities. As the marketplace grew, customer requests began to change. These changes became the catalyst that afforded Shanix the opportunity to become an installer and certified product distributor.

They say "experience is the best teacher" and Kekin Shah has never lost sight of the critical nature of customer service which serves as the foundation for this business. He continues to instill this philosophy in every employee by his example every day. The Shanix team is comprised of over 30 dedicated business professionals who value a strong work ethic along with a passion for customer satisfaction. Kekin Shah sets the standard for having a "strong sense of urgency in meeting customer service demands". We are extremely proud of our best practice technicians who believe in a "touch it once robust philosophy". Our engineering teams design systems that are practical and functional.

With over three decades of experience protecting people, assets, and insuring public safety we have confidence and resources to meet every possible need that you may have. We understand the "pain points" that you feel. Ease of operation is critical especially when emergencies occur. Overtime, we experienced the evolution of digital technology. The IP landscape began to explode. At a glance, we began to see a convergence of security and AV technologies.

The Shanix team is recognized as industry experts by enterprise commercial customers and leading equipment manufacturers.

In, 2001, Shanix entered the Audio/Visual world and never looked back. Shanix became a true integrator. We started with small classrooms and ventured out into large auditoriums, command centers and lecture halls. Interactive displays and SMART boards entered the arenas and the evolving technology continues to grow daily. And now, we witness our customers "breathing life" into new spaces energizing the learning centers and work spaces that were previously dull and not stimulating.

We pride ourselves as being different from our industry competition. We offer a proficient cybersecurity awareness education with protecting our private information. We have a continuous improvement philosphy for factory and equipment training certifications and staying certified with the standard trade associations. We always comply with the Department of Labor State Licensing; and all technicians satisfy the latest Occupational Safety and Health Administration requirements. We use rigid hiring standards by administering human resources skills assessments, criminal background checks, and pre-employment drug screens.

All of the effort that goes into the creating a positive experience for our customers is what success is all about. We like to believe that we create a "loyal relationship" with our business partners. You should depend on Shanix for solid equipment performance and service.

And we are not afraid of working hard to maintain a quality expectation for you.

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